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September 29, 2015

Guest Post: Fall Back On Track

Indian River Juice, Fall Back on Track

Photo: Indian River Juice

September 21, 2015

Oh Stanley…

After the passing of our sweet dog Annabelle, my heart was broken, as was her sister Carmen’s. Annabelle came into Carmen’s life just before her first birthday. Carmen had hip dysplasia and had to have surgery on both hips, and although it went well she didn’t want to move around and was in a bit of a doggie funk, I thought having a dog friend would perk her up and get her moving. I found Annabelle on a dog rescue website, she had also had a rough start to life; she had been mauled by a pitbull when she was only a few months old. I brought her home, her broken leg and wounds still healing on an Easter Sunday and the two became inseparable for the next 12 years.

I knew that I could never replace Annabelle, but Carmen (and I) once again needed a doggie friend to keep her moving. I saw Stanley’s picture on the SPCA website, which was just down the street from us (he was right there, it had to be fate), he was 4 months old and so handsome. I filled out the application for adoption and Carmen and I walked down together to drop it off. After a few meetings, one including Carmen meeting him, we got the call that Stanley was ours.

I knew that Stanley was not going to be easy, although he was still a puppy; he was classified as a rehab. He was given to his previous owner as a gift, and due to her work schedule, he was locked up for 12 hours a day and was completely unsocialized. The day that I met Stanley was the first day that he had played on grass and climbed a set of stairs. He was also going to be a big boy, I immediately got in contact with a trainer, if he was going to be big, he also needed to be well behaved.

Over the past year Carmen and Stanley have developed a typical big sister pesky little brother relationship. For the most part she is completely appalled by his behavior, she let’s me know when he is too close to her or her food, if he is stalking the cat, if he has folded his dog bed into a taco and is humping it, and this morning this…

Oh Stanley...

Oh Stanley…

That is my text book (retail cost of this bad boy, $209.60) with highlighted study notes that I need for a test tomorrow. I wonder if I could use the excuse that my dog ate my homework? I suppose that it could have been worse, it could have been my computer. Unfortunately it wasn’t the first time either, a month ago it was my collection of Cooking Light magazines torn and strewn from one end of the house to the another, and then it was my hard-covered journal.

Looking on the brightside, because you have to in situations like these, I found a like-new copy for sale online for $50, so with the $150 that I will be saving Stanley will be having a few one-on-one sessions with his trainer.

How was your Monday?


Carmen also alerted me to this. How can you not love that face?