December 2, 2014


Keri Cawthorne 5516 DiffHi I am Keri Cawthorne, personal trainer, holistic nutrtitionist and fitness pro extraordinaire based in Vancouver, B.C.  I own Iron Mountain Movement, which specializes in fitness and wellness programs for everyday athletes. I also love to write.

I started in the blogging world 6 or so years ago writing for the IMM website (you can still find me there) as well as many guest pieces for other health and wellness forums.  Since turning 40, I find that my writing voice has started to shift into a new direction and I needed a home for it, Keri On was born.  And while there will be plenty of fitness talk here, there will also be food stuffs and gab about the trials and tribulations of living and balancing life and family after 40.

Work aside, I am a wife, Mum to a teenage daughter and a barrage of wayward animals. I love to cook for my gang, desperately want to be a gardener and do enjoy a glass (or two) of crisp white wine.

Pour yourself a coffee, or whatever tickles your fancy and join me for a laugh or two, which is usually at my own expense.

Feel free to drop me a line