April 27, 2016


When someone that you may have only met once before remembers your name, it makes you feel memorable. You made an impression on that person, either due to a great memory or a creative (sometimes crazy) association that they have made between you and your name, and managed to pull your name out of the hundreds of others swirling around their mind. It’s a skill.

When someone remembers my name it feels good, and I like to keep that energy flowing. Over the years one of the things that helps me to remember a person’s name is to repeat it after our introduction. A noted exception is if you have already named this person. True story, last year a lady moved into my neighbourhood and I would see her walking her dog from time to time. She is a cute little thing, very well put together, always gave me a smile and a friendly wave when I would drive by. I named her Kate, and even went as far as to call her dog Chloe. It turns out she is a Lisa and her dog isn’t a girl. I have the hardest time addressing her now with anything other than “lovely day, isn’t it?”

So this morning, I was setting up my class at the Leisure Centre. As the participants were filing in one of the ladies approached me. I recognized her from our last class, she had a smile on her face and thanked me for the butt kicking that I had given the previous week, and then introduced herself, she said “I’m Lamere”. I responded with my usual “Pleased to meet you Lamere” and turned back to the hallway to gather my weights so that I could start the class. As I walked away I couldn’t help but think that Lamere was an unusual name and wanted to make sure that I got the pronunciation right, so as I made my way back across the multipurpose room I asked her if I was saying her name correctly. She looked at me a little funny and said “I’m Nicole, the Mayor”…




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